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Membership in Positive Strokes Racquet Club is available to single adults who have an interest in tennis and other events sponsored by the club. The tennis levels represented in PSRC adhere to the National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) for 3.0 to 5.0 players. The PSRC Board will establish the requirements to apply for and renew membership in the club. The Board must approve all new members. The membership year is from April 1 through March 31. The Board will establish the membership fee which is currently $30 per year. Members should notify the Membership Board person when they have a change in address, phone numbers, or e-mail.

Tuesday Night Play

The club sponsors Tuesday Night Play at Greenhill Tennis Center each week beginning with the first Tuesday in April and ending with the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Actual play is 7:30-9:00 p.m. Signup for play begins at 6:30 p.m. Guests should sign up on the guest list and are encouraged to arrive early since the first three guests are guaranteed to play with preference to first time guests who have signed up by 6:45. Members are allowed to sign themselves up on any court at or below their ranking level. Members and guests must be present at the sign up area to sign up. The person on flag duty will be responsible for assigning guests to courts based on their skill level. Members must sign up on a court by 7:00 p.m. After that time, remaining guests will be placed on courts. Members arriving after this time will be placed at the bottom of the guest list. The per-person fee is $3.00 for members and $5.00 for guests. A new can of balls is provided for each court. There will be courts designated A, B, and C for three different player skill levels. Amember may sign up on a court at or below his/her skill level. The goal is to have players of similar skill on a court so that play is fun for all. In some cases it may be necessary to move players between courts when there are fewer than four players on a court or when there is a mismatch in skill level. The Board member on flag duty will, time permitting, inform the players involved when such changes are needed. If all four players are in agreement, they may sign up and play on an available court regardless of their ratings. An available court is one on which no one has yet signed up to play.

Flag Duty

The flag is the name given to the location where members and guests sign up for Tuesday Night Play. Members on a rotating basis staff the flag each week. Each member will be expected to assist with flag duty once or twice during the playing season. Flag duty includes assisting with court sign-up, gathering information from guests, answering questions, assigning guests to courts, collecting money, getting balls and courts, completing the balance sheet, putting materials away, etc. The member will be paired with a board member who is familiar with the various procedures. When on flag duty, the member (and board member) should arrive at Greenhill by 6:20 p.m. to set up the table and materials and to be ready to accommodate guests and members at 6:30 p.m. If the member scheduled for flag duty is unavailable, it is their responsibility to arrange well in advance for someone to cover for them. They should also inform the board member responsible for Tuesday Night Play as to who is covering flag duty for them.

Doubles for Singles Mixer Tennis & Party

Our monthly tennis mixer and party is a monthly at Brookhaven Country Club. Your check is your reservation. $20 for PSRC and Brookhaven members and $22 for guests. Party only is $12 payable in advance or $15 same day or at the door. Pre-registered sign in on night of event is from 6:45 to 7:15 pm with play starting at 7:30 pm til 9:45 pm with party afterwards. If a person has signed up to play Doubles for Singles Mixer and finds it necessary to cancel, they must call the Mixer Director before the day of the mixer. Mixer fee will be carried over to the following mixer or refunded. If the player cancels the day of the tournament it becomes their responsibility to find a replacement of the same level of play or they will forfeit their tournament fee. Failure to call and cancel after a player is placed on the roster for Doulbes for Singles Mixer is grounds for exclusion from future mixer events.


The tie-breaker is a scoring device used to prevent marathon sets and matches. Normally, the tie-breaker goes into effect when the set score reaches 6-all, but at the option of the Tournament Committee, it may take effect at 8-all in one or more complete rounds. Also, the Tournament Committee has the option that the tie-breaker will not be used in the identifiable final set of a match.


1. A player who first wins seven points shall win the game and the set, provided the player leads by a margin of two (2) points. If the score reaches six points all, the game shall be extended until this margin has been achieved. Numerical scoring shall be used throughout the tie-breaker.

2. The player whose turn it is to serve shall be the server for the first point, which is delivered from the right court. The opponent shall be the server for the second and third points (delivered from left court, then right court), and thereafter each player shall serve alternately for two consecutive points (left court, right court) until the winner of the game and set has been decided.

3. Players shall change ends after every six points and at the conclusion of the tie-breaker. Note that after any change of ends, the server will be serving their second serving point.

4. The player who served first in the set that ended in a tie breaker shall receive service in the first game of the following set.


1. In doubles, the procedure for singles shall apply. The player whose turn it is to serve shall be the server for the first point. Thereafter, each player shall serve in rotation for two points, in the same order as previously in that set, until the winners of the game and set have been decided.

2. Players change ends after every six points and at the conclusion of the tie-breaker.

3. The team that served first in the set that ended in a tie-breaker shall receive service in the first game of the following set.


Article I — Name and Purpose

The name of this club shall be The Positive Strokes Racquet Club, as recorded in the County Clerk’s office of the Dallas County Courthouse on March 25, 1983. It must be renewed every ten years. The purpose of The Positive Strokes Racquet Club (PSRC) shall be to promote and provide tennis activities and social functions for single adults.

Article II — Activities

1. A weekly organized tennis activity shall be provided beginning the first week in April through the last week in November. This tennis activity shall be held at Greenhill Tennis Center, 4141 Spring Valley Road, Addison, Texas 75001, or at such other location as may be determined by the Board of Directors.

2. The Club shall provide other tennis events and social activities periodically as determined by the Board of Directors.

Article III — Officers

1. The officers of The Positive Strokes Racquet Club shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

2. The term of office shall be January 1 through December 31.

3. The duties of the Officers shall be as follows:

a. President – The President shall be the chief executive. He/she shall preside at meetings, serve as Chairperson of the Board of Directors, rule on procedures and jurisdiction, summarize decisions, appoint special committees, authorize payment of bills and coordinate various activities of The Club. In any meeting of the Board of Directors (as provided in Article VII), the President shall be empowered to vote on membership applicants; otherwise, only in case of ties.

b. Vice President – The Vice President shall aid the President in his/her performance of duties, officiate in the absence of the President and shall assume the office of Presidency in the event of a vacancy (temporary or permanent.)

c. Secretary – The Secretary shall handle all correspondence, record the minutes of meetings and perform any other duties pertinent to the office. The Secretary shall renew the name, Positive Strokes Racquet Club, in March 1993 and every ten years thereafter.

d. Treasurer – The Treasurer shall ordinarily receive the income and make disbursement of club money. This officer shall be responsible for keeping financial records and reporting the financial condition of The Club as required.

4. The requirements of the officers for election are as follows:

a. Officer shall be a member in good standing.

b. The President shall have served on the Board of Directors during the year immediately prior to assuming office.

Article IV — Board of Directors

1. The Board of Directors shall consist of the four elected officers and nine other members of good standing (as defined in Article V, Section 5.) The Board of Directors is the governing authority of The Club. It is empowered to perform all acts necessary in the conduct of Club business and activities except those acts specifically assigned to individuals of the Board. The Board may, in its discretion and by majority vote, empower any individual Board member to perform specific or general acts in connection with conducting the activities of The Club. All acts, resolutions, transactions and other decisions of the Board require a simple majority of the votes cast in a duly constituted meeting of the Board unless specified elsewhere in this Constitution.

2. The nine additional members of the Board of Directors shall be elected by the following process. The President shall submit a name for each Board position (See Article IV, section 4.) The elected officers shall then vote on each Board nominee with the President having two votes and each other officer having one vote. A simple majority of votes cast will determine the election. In case of a negative vote, the President shall submit another name until the election is completed. The To-Be-Defined (TBD) Board positions shall be defined by the President and submitted with a nominee for each. These definitions and nominees shall be voted on in the same manner as the predefined Board positions.

3. The terms of office for the members of the Board of Directors shall be, but not limited to, the calendar year.

4. The President shall appoint one individual for each of the following Board positions:

a. Social – Shall plan and effect social activities of The Club.

b. Membership – shall be responsible for maintaining an active roster of all members and keeping an attendance record.

c. Newsletter – shall be responsible for publishing and distributing the monthly newsletter.

d. Tournaments – shall be responsible for setting up and directing tournaments as authorized by the Board of Directors.

e.Weekly Play – shall be responsible for coordinating flag duty and regular Weekly Play.

f. Ex-Officio – shall be the immediate past President and acts in an advisory capacity. If the immediate past President is unable or unwilling to serve, this position will be an additional (i.e., fourth) To-Be-Defined position.

g. To-Be-Defined – These three Board positions (or four if the Ex-Officio position is unfilled) will be defined by the President to best meet the anticipated needs of The Club during the upcoming year.

5. Removal of a member of the Board may be initiated by any other Board member. A unanimous vote by Officers and 2/3 of Board Members is required for removal.

6. In the event of a vacancy on the Board of Directors during the term of the directors, the President shall submit a nomination for a replacement member. Eight affirmative votes of the remaining Board members are required for election. This vacancy must be filled within thirty days.

Article V — Membership

1. The membership of The Positive Strokes Racquet Club shall consist of single people interested in tennis and agreeable to the stated purposes of The Club.

2. The membership shall be limited to a ratio between the range of 55% men to 45% women or 55% women to 45% men.

3. In order to become a member, one must:

a. Be a single adult agreeable to the stated purposes of The Club.

b. Have visited regular Weekly Play at least three times during the present tennis season.

c. Submit a signed application for membership to the Membership Chairperson.

d. Have received the affirmative vote of at least 2/3 of the Board members voting, but not less than 8 votes under any circumstances.

e. Have paid the required dues as established by the Board.

f. Have met all other requirements as established by the Board of Directors.

4. The membership year shall be from April 1 to March 31.

5. To renew membership one must:

a. Be a single adult agreeable to the stated purposes of The Club.

b. Have met such other requirements as may be established by the Board of Directors.

c. Have paid membership dues as established by the Board of Directors by May 1.

6. Removal of a member may occur when review proceedings are requested by any member of The Club. Procedures for such removal are as follows:

a. At least two members of the Board of Directors, after Board approval, shall discuss the condition with the member and explain the possibility of termination of membership. Said member shall have the right to appear at subsequent Board meeting to discuss the issue.

b. If conduct continues to be unacceptable or offensive, the Board of Directors shall issue a letter re-stating Club policy and advising the member that any future actions may be grounds for immediate termination.

c. If, after both a verbal and written discussion with the member, conduct continues to be unacceptable a 2/3 vote by the Board of Directors removes the member.

Article VI — Nominations and Elections

1. The President, with the approval of a majority of the Board of Directors, shall appoint a Nominating Committee and chairperson at least one month prior to the general election in December. The Nominating Committee shall consist of five members, at least two male and two female members. Three of these members shall be from the general membership. This committee shall present a slate of proposed officers at the general membership meeting in December. It shall be the duty of the Nominating Committee to check the qualifications and the willingness to serve of those so nominated.

2. Additional nominations may be submitted by any member of The Club at the general membership meeting in December.

3. Voting in person, writing or by proxy shall take place at the annual December membership meeting. A majority of votes cast must occur for election.

Article VII — Meetings

1. Board of Directors meetings:

a. The Board of Directors shall meet monthly from March through November and as occasion requires. Additional meetings may be called by the President.

b. All Board members must be informed of each meeting at least one week prior to the meeting.

c. A quorum of eight Board members must be present to conduct business.

d. All meetings of the Board shall be open to any member of The Club except during any discussions involving members or membership, but said member shall have no voting privilege.

e. Any parliamentary procedure questions shall be resolved by the most current issue of Robert’s Rules of Order unless otherwise stated in the Constitution and By-laws of The Positive Strokes Racquet Club.

2. Membership meetings:

a. The Club shall conduct a general membership meeting in December of each year for the purpose of electing officers. The time and place of this meeting shall be prescribed by the Board of Directors with 15 day notification.

b. A membership meeting shall be called to ratify or amend the Constitution. The time and place of this meeting shall be prescribed by the Board of Directors with 15 day notification.

Article VIII — Finances

1. The Positive Strokes Racquet Club is established as a non-profit organization.

2. The Board of Directors shall affix annual membership dues.

3. The Board of Directors shall affix special activities charges commensurate with the expense of the activity.

4. In establishing the above fee, the Board will attempt to match fees with expenses. The Board has the authority to establish reasonable financial reserves to manage Club activities.

Article IX — Constitution and By-laws Ratification and Amendment

1. Ratification shall be at a special meeting of the membership to be convened by written notice.

2. Ratification must be by two-thirds of the votes cast, but not less than one-half of the membership.

3. Votes shall be in person or by written ballot or written proxy.

4. Amendment may be proposed by any member of The Club to the Board.

5. A two-thirds vote of the Board is necessary for a proposed amendment to be presented to the membership.

6. Adoption of the amendment shall require the affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of the votes cast. Those affirmative votes must represent at least one-half of the current membership.